Sea Otter II

Business Men’s Studio, Beaumont, Texas
World War, 1939-1945.; Shipbuilding; Levingston Shipbuilding Company
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Orange, Beaumont, Texas
August 23, 1941
Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, Texas State Library and Archives Commission
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The Sea Otter II was built as a Lend-Lease Project by Levingston Shipbuilding Company, a company started by Captain George Levingston in 1930 in Orange, Texas. This was the second of Levingston Shipbuilding’s projects for the government during WWII. This type of vessel was built for a one-way trip to England carrying supplies and materials. Even the hull was to be dismantled and the steel used by the British upon arrival. However, the project was not completed, and the Sea Otter II was taken to the East Coast. (Levingston Shipbuilding Company Archives, 1988.037)